The Firm represents lenders and borrowers in real estate transactions and documentation, business and commercial financing, loan documentation, problem loan and special asset workouts, collections, foreclosures, and litigation. We also represent banks in various matters applying the Uniform Commercial Code, including actions on forged signatures, alterations or fraudulent endorsements. Last, but not least, we provide banks and other creditors with cost effective legal assistance and guidance through the bankruptcy process, helping them avoid pitfalls and maximizing their recovery. In short, our practice covers all matters from loan initiation through loan repayment, including advice on related legal issues impacting lenders and borrowers.

Bank of Albuquerque, N.A.
First Community Bank, now U.S. Bank National Association
Wells Fargo Bank New Mexico, N.A.
Community 1st Bank of Las Vegas
The Bank of Belen
Community Bank Santa Fe
Community Bank Espanola
Zion's Bank
FDIC and FSLIC – the firm has represented the FDIC and FSLIC in a number of banking matters, and has experience in banking from the regulators’ perspective

The Firm is an associate member of the New Mexico Bankers Association. Victor E. Carlin of the Firm is a member of the Lenders Committee. The New Mexico Bankers Digest has published the following articles written by Mr. Carlin:

1999 - Personal Guarantees, Community Property Law, and Regulation B
1999 - Environmental Law Update
1997 - Pre Workout Agreements
1996 - Lender Alternatives Upon Borrower's Default
1996 - Creditors' Rights and the Automatic Stay In Bankruptcy
1995 - The 1994 Bankruptcy Reform Act
1994 - Foreclosure Sales and Bankruptcy

Former Bank Director
Alicia L. Gutierrez – Plaza National Bank