Moses, Dunn, Farmer & Tuthill has experienced landlord-tenant attorneys. Our attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of the laws and regulations relating to commercial and residential landlord tenant law in New Mexico, and provide services to both landlords/owners as well as to tenants.

In the residential landlord tenant area, our attorneys represent a range of clients from individual tenants to large national apartment owners and property management companies. We are able to provide those clients with a full range of services such as drafting and reviewing lease agreements, negotiation of utility contracts, drafting demand letters or default notices, filing lawsuits to either evict tenants or force landlords to comply with their obligations, New Mexico Human Rights or Federal Fair Housing discrimination claims, reasonable accommodation requests by handicapped and/or disabled tenants and medical marijuana and assistive animal issues.

In the commercial landlord tenant area, we represent commercial tenants and local and national property management companies and owners of commercial real estate and rental space. We routinely advise our clients on legal issues, send default notices and/or demand letters to enforce legal obligations, represent clients in property damage or personal injury claims related to premises liability, draft and review lease contracts and file lawsuits for lease violations and other issues.

In addition to normal residential and/or commercial landlord tenant matters, we also provide our clients with advice or assistance in collection matters, contract disputes with vendors or other third parties, employment related problems and other legal matters.

Our attorneys have taught classes on Fair Housing discrimination and other aspects of residential and commercial landlord tenant law and application and collection procedures. The firm is an affiliate member in the Apartment Association of New Mexico, and has also been a member of NAIOP. The firm’s attorneys appear before the Magistrate, Metropolitan and District Courts on all forms of evictions and unlawful entry and detainer actions and have handled many fair housing complaints, including those based upon familial status, handicap and adult communities. Our attorney’s have also had experience in dealing with medical marijuana, and how it affects the landlord tenant relationship. We also have clients in a number of associated businesses in the areas of tenant screening, tenant locator services and landscaping maintenance.