Real Estate - Commercial & Residential


Real Estate - Commercial & Residential

For over 56 years, the Firm has represented local, state and national clients in real estate transactions and litigation. Our transactional experience includes the sale, purchase and financing of unimproved land, commerical buildings, shopping centers, single family residences, apartment complexes and ranch property. We not only put deals together, we defend them when disputes arise and lawsuits are filed.

Our experience includes:
Boundary disputes
Easements/access issues, including grants, reservations, easements by prescription, necessity or implication and implied dedications
Deed restrictions and covenants
Forged deeds
Subdivision and development requirements
Adverse possession claims and defenses
Mortgage and lien validity and priority issues
Escrow claims
Federal, state and inverse condemnation actions
Land use issues before local governmental bodies
Foreclosure actions
Quiet title actions
Tax sale challenges
IRC ยง1031 exchanges
Commercial lease issues
Sales and purchases of real estate

Over the years, this Practice Group has been involved in several reported title insurance cases including:
Springer Corp. v. Kirkeby-Natus, 80 N.M. 206, 453, P.2d 376 (1969), 46 ALR 3d 1355
Horn v. Lawyers Title Insurance Corp., 89 N.M. 709, 557 P.2d 206 (1976)
Roscoe v. U.S. Life Title Insurance Co., 105 N.M. 589, 734 P.2d 1272 (1987)
Cottonwood Enterprises v. McAlpin et. al., 111 N.M. 793, 810 P.2d 812 (1991)
Hurlocker v. Medina, 118 N.M. 30, 878 P.2d 348 (Ct. App. 1994)

Representative Clients:
Title Insurance
Chicago Title Insurance Company
Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company
Fidelity National Title Insurance Companay
First American Title Insurance Company
Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation
Security Union Title Insurance Company
Stewart Title Guaranty Company
Ticor Title Insurance Company
Title Resources Guaranty Company

Other Real Estate:
Alvarado Realty Company - real estate brokers, owners and managers of shopping centers and land developers.
American RV Park of Albuquerque Ltd. Co. - owner and manager of RV Park developments.
Bohannan-Huston, Inc. - consulting engineers including planning, designing and surveying.
Carlo, Inc. - real estate ownership, management and development.
Centerfire Properties, Inc. - realtors and land developers.
Roberson Construction Company, Inc. - counsel for real estate and construction related matters.
Sandia Properties Ltd., Co. - real estate developer.
Sandia Peak Ski Company - owner and manager of Sandia Peak Ski Area.
Sandia Peak Tram Company - owner and manager of Sandia Peak Tram.
Santa Fe Ski Company - owner and manager of Santa Fe Ski Area.
Roger H. Smith, Inc. - home builder, office and shopping center builder.